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on: November 30, 2017, 03:13:17 PM
Been thinking because FM's my 'mo. If you don't know what Forum Mafia is, I think what summarizes FM in a nutshell is "finding mafia via text".

The main goals of scum are:
1. To look town (or at least protown)
2. To lynch townies to achieve majority ASAP

The main goal of town is to lynch all evildoers, therefore can be achieved by:
1. Good ol' scumhunting (to find people whose goals are the scum's)
2. Mutually townreading other people (for good reason, not just because he townreads you)

The town does their goal by multiple things. Finding scummy people who rolefish (think of why VFR/VFD is bad. Then maximize that 10x because anyone can claim Citizen, or be a bad cop gambit). Finding ingenuity (via tone). Associatives. Finding out who's active lurking and posting for the sake of posting. Wishy-washing voting. It varies a LOT. Which is why I like to play it. And if I explain it terribly, this and this are better by more eloquent users.


I was thinking of making a super small 5-player game, 4 town, 1 mafia. I'm not sure if I should go what I'm used to and set a two-week deadline (which can be ended anytime a majority lynch is achieved) with prod timers every 48 (24???) hours, or take the mafiauniverse approach with 36-48 hour day phases and 12/24 hour night phases with posting limits. Maybe a combination of both? How about plurality lynch, when regardless of majority, the person with the most votes is lynched?

Maybe 3v1 if it's needed? But I'd like to avoid town being immediately in a sticky spot as soon as the game starts.

And also comes the question of what roles should be in there. Unless we wanted a role madness game, I tend to go for the majority of town being Citizens. I feel like the one power role for town should be cop. Or jailkeeper, which is like jailor (but without executions and the ability to speak)? Should we forego power roles entirely?
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